Effective time management and why it is so important for growing your business

Having worked with numerous individuals in a few countries, it is clear to see that time management is an issue all over the world. So how can you improve your skills and be a time management guru? Take a look at some of the common mistakes we all make and see where you can improve your business time management challenge.

Set personal goals

  • Unfortunately, you can only manage how you use your time and the way you use this precious resource by effective goal setting. Setting personal goals is essential for good time management as it gives you a destination and a vision to work towards. Goals also help you decide what's worth spending your time on and prioritising the most value adding tasks.

Keep a To-do-list

  • The trick to keeping an effective to-do-list relies on the basis of prioritising the tasks on your list from most value adding tasks to least value adding tasks, many people use a coding system   (A for high priority, D for low priority ). It is also important to deconstruct massive tasks into smaller more manageable tasks. This will ensure you don't overlook anything important.


Manage distraction

  • Did you know you could lose up to 2 hours a day from distractions? Whether they come from e-mails, phone calls or colleagues in crisis, all this time adds up. Learn to say no. Taking on too much is a poor use of your time and can end up getting you a bad reputation if work is sloppy and inaccurate. To prevent this, rather learn to say yes to the person but no to the task. This skill will help assert yourself while maintaining good vibes. A virtual assistant is always a good option if you want to stay on top of things while keeping everyone happy, and who gets the credit? You of course for effective time management.


  • Focus on one task at a time in order to produce high-quality work rather than working on an e-mail while taking a phone call. This lack of concentration may lead to errors on the e-mail and a frustrated client on the end of the phone line.


It's a great idea to obtain the help of a personal or business virtual assistant service. Not only will it give you and your business more time but make it productive at a fraction of the cost of employing full-time admin support!

Did you know on average, virtual assistants charge £22 per hour and typically work 400 hours a year for each company, this equates to an annual fee of £8,800. Most companies who employ a physical body within the company pay an average of £8.50 an hour, this member of staff will work 35 hours a week and receive pay for 52 weeks a year. This amounts to £15,470 a year.  Why have that unnecessary expense and the cost of benefits and overheads?

Virtual Assistant Essex charge from just £20 per hour or even better, why have an hourly rate when you could have a fixed price package and know exactly what you get for your monthly budget?

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