Virtual Finance Director

Virtual Finance Director

Your business requires more…


in order to SURVIVE…

  • We provide solutions to all of the above fundamental business needs by offering a proactive real time Virtual Finance Director service
  • We go beyond the numbers and spend more time on analysing your Finances
  • Tailored report displays help you, the business owner, to understand your numbers and ultimately make value adding decisions at the right time
The secret to business growth...Benefit Now

How does our Virtual Finance Director Service work?

In an ever changing millennial era, Shmunky have adapted and embraced the cloud

Your business can benefit too with our guidance

Embrace Change

Can you believe you have been so unaware of the fact that you have been paying too much for an Accountant or Bookkeeper? One that does not add any value to your business?

Unlock Value

Forget about throwing any more money away. Demand value in the form of support, analysis and advice.

Understanding your financial accounts and when to make financial decisions is key. This could mean the difference between an out of control business, compared to a financially aware business. One that is in control and driving growth.

Become a Business Growth Master

Your small business can benefit from having financial reports at hand. Advice that aids in better decisions being made.  Leaving you confident in the financial status of your business. All for less than a full-time employee’s monthly salary.

Real Time Finances = Real Time Decision Making

What are the possibilities of analysing your financial data in real time?

Scenario 1
  • Has your property rental business ever needed to know which properties are profitable or not
  • Track Income and expense analysis per property
  • Track Cost trend of certain utilities per property
  • Does your rental income cover your operating expenses and better yet make you a profit
  • Are you in a stable position to take on another property
  • Track your repairs and maintenance cost as a billable expense to the landlord
These are all examples of how a Virtual Finance Director could benefit your business
Virtual Finance director service uk
Virtual Finance Director service colchester essex london providing value
Scenario 2
  • Has your business ever needed to see what products are regular sellers
  • Moreover, which products are profitable and
  • additionally, which products are not so popular
A Virtual Finance Director doesn't have to break the bank either!

We challenge you to capture the success your business desires

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  • Prodecorations LtdConstruction & Decorating
    I have been using the Shmunky team for a few years now and since I started using their service a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I always get a reminder (well in advance) for my CIS and my vat returns with helpful advice whenever I need it. My bookkeeping is always up-to-date. The team always provides me with solutions to any concerns I encounter which is invaluable. I always highly recommend their service to any business owner looking to save time and hassle.
  • William Yellop – Letchford Gardens LtdQuality - Construction Industry
    After much deliberation, I decided to start using cloud-accounting software after years of doing this on spreadsheets. Sylwia was helpful from the very beginning making the process as seamless as possible. Sylwia is precise, accurate, responsible and responds quickly to all of my requests. The team always give me helpful reminders for my CIS and vat returns and liaise directly with my accountant for any queries as well as getting my year-end sorted so I can concentrate on my construction firm. I highly recommend this service.
  • Shmunky is award-winning for a reason. We have been fortunate enough to be using their service for the past few years and in our time working together I have not once been presented with any problems. Only solutions. All of which have innovated and boosted our business. The team look after many elements of our business from bookkeeping, finances, website management, scheduling software management to events management. A full-on business support system all in one place. We are made to feel like we have a business partner by our side, every step of the way. We couldn't recommend this service highly enough.
  • We've started using Shmunky recently, and I must say that in the short amount of time we have worked together, the service has transformed the way we do our bookkeeping and the way we look at our finances. They truly are at the forefront of their game. Their communication and response time is fantastic and we feel like they are part of our team. Shmunky managed our accounting software clean-up and gave us insightful information about where we went wrong. This really gave us the edge to understanding our finances and ensuring we stay compliant. Our bookkeeping has been taken care of with helpful tips on where we can save on our business expenses, and it is one less hat to wear as we manage our own business. Shmunky has integrated a financial dashboard into our service which has been invaluable when it comes to forecasting and cash flow, as well as, a general overview of our business sales and expenses. The level of detail we obtain from this dashboard is one that we have not been able to get anywhere else as it is so intricate and unique to our business. We are now feeling a lot more confident in knowing when to make key financial decisions. I am happy to see continued support and insights from this team and regularly recommend Shmunky to any business owners.

  • Danny Miller – Human After AllHighly recommended! Digital Marketing Industry

    Shmunky were quick off the mark in helping us improve our business processes, I was immediately provided with solutions that we could implement within our team. This is especially accurate when it came to expense tracking for staff members and receipt tracking. The procedures that have been put in place now ensure that our staff members are happy with the knowledge that they will get their expenses reimbursed quickly and efficiently. This ensures that not only do we categorize each expense correctly, but we also claim back every bit of vat which helps with our cash flow. Sylwia very quickly understood our business and our everyday struggles. The amount of time and hassle that the team have saved me is truly invaluable. Highly recommended.

  • C Broadway – The Angel Therapy roomsExtremely Capable
    I am very happy with the service Shmunky is providing me with regard to my bookkeeping. Since taking on the service I have more free time to concentrate on my holiday let business. Also, knowing that I do not have to worry about my bookkeeping is a huge weight off my shoulders, with the knowledge that someone extremely capable is looking, after all, this for me. The little hints and tips provided to ensure we save money with the taxman is an added bonus! I recommend Shmunky for any business
  • O Bradford – Tollgate ElectricalShmunky are on top of their game!
    I’m an electrical contractor, not a bookkeeper. I tried to muddle through for years before I found Shmunky.
    They have freed up the time I was spending on my books, they untangled the mess I was in, leaving me time to develop my business.
    I now have confidence in my finances and can run reports I can trust.
  • Mr Conway – Caledonia LettingsFlexible and easy to deal with

    Shmunky have been efficient and proactive, particularly in meeting deadlines and their added value support on commercial issues. Shmunky strike just the right balance between being a flexible, easy to deal with, yet, having all the key strengths, attributes, and rigor necessary to support our vastly changing business. Shmunky produces a weekly/monthly management report with a detailed commentary, outlining strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for our business, in an easy to read format. The valuable information we obtain from these reports has allowed us to make value-adding decisions when we forecast. As a business owner, I would highly recommend the services they have to offer.

  • Incredible resource for our small business. Their attention to detail and outstanding customer service make them worth every penny of the reasonably priced service. I get email responses to my questions so quickly. They correspond with my accountant to get things sorted. They have made my business function so much easier by taking care of the books, with the end result of an organized accounting system. I would highly recommend the Shmunky service!

  • The work that the Shmunky team have put into our business has made a significant difference to the daily management of our business, they have been able to adapt to our ever-changing needs and work meticulously to get the job done. Our business needed a complete overhaul of procedures that were both time-consuming and costly. Shmunky helped us go digital with the aid of Xero and applications such as Receipt Bank, they continue to mentor us with value adding advice and support. They have given me great visibility of my business with dedicated customised reporting and analysis of my finances and products sold as well as a customised spreadsheet that automatically displays and tracks agent commission. I would highly recommend their service

  • "Our QuickBooks was in absolute turmoil until the Shmunky team came to our rescue! They are extremely efficient and effective at what they do. They cleaned up our messy QuickBooks ready for our HMRC audit and our VAT return, and continue to assist us on the day to day running of our bookkeeping requirements. The Shmunky team really took the time to get to know our business, we feel that they are truly part of our team and a fantastic extension of our business. They go out of their way to help where they can! Thanks Shmunky, we would highly recommend your service!"

  • I was struggling so much trying to juggle a million things with our business. I found Sylwia easily online and they were so helpful from the minute they picked up the phone! They have literally "given me my life back"-I know that Sylwia is in control of my books and that I don't always have to track everything! I can highly recommend them, they reply always and are extremely helpful! They also helped to set up a booking system on my website that I was struggling with and they help to manage that, so they are very flexible and personable to meet your needs.

  • “They make my job more efficient and less stressful.”Web Developer

    Bart Z - Web Developer - 06 May 2017

    "Great team that worked with me. They have amazing customer skills, as well as the ability to build relationships that drive business. They always went above and beyond what was expected. As a personal assistant, it is important to think 10 steps ahead so that any long and short term task is always completed at the best that it can be. They provide errands and jobs that really make my job more efficient and less stressful."

  • Ray, August 05, 2017

    "What a great team and expert help. Friendly and easy to get on with and had the knowledge to point me in the right direction. Very pleased with the help i received, would certainly recommend their services . Saved me so much time.. Thanks"

  • Lou – Kooky woodworks Construction of Buildings - Bespoke Woodwork

    KookyLou, July 18, 2017

    "The Shmunky team helped us tremendously with setting up our QuickBooks and preparing for our first VAT return. They are an incredibly bright and cheerful team who bring real expertise and meticulous attention to detail. They also helped to demystify QuickBooks Online for us so that we feel much more confident using it now. We cannot thank them enough for all of their help."