Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions ...

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I am looking for a service that is not listed, can you still help my business?

At Shmunky we pride ourselves in having a diverse and versatile outlook on the services we offer our clients. Our expertise ranges from booking travel, fixing up a spreadsheet, to more widespread tasks like setting up a scheduling system and bookkeeping services. If the service is not listed, we are just being modest, so please, just ask.

Why should our clients choose us?

 Our main belief is showing our clients the value we can offer them, rather than talking about it. The flexibility we offer is second to none. Outsourcing your workload also means that the job gets done properly, every time. After all, our business is knowing your business.

Is my financial data safe with cloud accounting software?

Yes – A big difference between traditional accounting software and cloud accounting software is that data is stored on the cloud. The access to this financial data is encrypted and password protected. Xero and Quickbooks even have access levels for business owners that want to limit key financial information to employees.

What is cloud-accounting?

Cloud accounting offers the business owner flexibility as it can be accessed from anywhere. The cloud accounting software used (Xero/Quickbooks) also has a direct bank feed, meaning that bank transactions are automatically downloaded into the software. The automation process helps to ensure that the business owner has access to real-time financial information

What are the advantages of cloud accounting?

Cloud accounting software is based on the cloud and can, therefore, be accessed from anywhere, just like internet banking. Below are a few differences between traditional accounting methods and cloud accounting:

  • Traditional accounting software does not use direct bank feeds like cloud accounting software does. The information is, therefore, not up-to-date and key financial decisions cannot be made
  • Accessibility of the accounting software is extremely limited with traditional bookkeeping methods, in comparison to cloud accounting methods, whereby, user permissions can be limited or unlimited according to your business requirements
  • Key financial information is left unsecured with traditional accounting software as information may be stored on a USB. With cloud-accounting software, the key information is stored on the cloud, where the data is encrypted and password protected
  • Upgrades are a big business expense, and this is a key downfall of traditional accounting methods. Unlike cloud-accounting where there is a fixed monthly fee, which also includes upgrades

What is ReceiptBank?

ReceiptBank is an award-winning app that helps the business owner keep track of receipts. Simply snap a photo of the receipt and forget about it. We do the rest. Not only do you save money on your Vat return (no lost receipts), but you also, ensure your business is Making Tax Digital compliant

I only want one of the services from your additional bookkeeping service, is this possible?

Absolutely. The additional bookkeeping services are there for you to pick and choose as you wish. Feel free to build your bundle that will truly benefit your business requirements.

I would need to meet you as I like to put a face to the person dealing with my business affairs.

At Shmunky we have no problem in meeting our customers face to face within the Essex and London areas, either at our home office or at your premises. For anything beyond Essex and London, we are open to Skype calls or Google Hangouts.