Thinking of Hiring a Virtual Assistant? Here are the Key Traits You Need to Look For

Virtual Admin assistants can add a fantastic spin to your small business, saving you precious time and helping you to utilise your resources. You can truly gain from their specialised skills and vast knowledge of a variety of tasks enabling them to optimise your business.


Qualities to look for in a new Virtual Admin Assistant (VAA):

Hiring a virtual admin assistant is no easy task, you need to ensure that their skill set meets your business needs and that you can build a long lasting rapport with them. Here are a few more pointers:


  • Personal skills

The skills that allow a virtual admin assistant to interact with both you and your business needs, at the high level you expect. Flowing into your business like a well-oiled machine. These are skills that an individual will demonstrate as opposed to skills that require qualifications. These skills are centred around communication and how an individual will interact with you and your team.

Traits of a personal Virtual admin assistant
Traits of a personal virtual admin assistant - Colchester Uk
  • Critical thinking:

A virtual admin assistant should be able to think on their feet, with their skill set being so vast and varied they should be fantastic problem solvers. Critical thinking is an extremely useful tool in all industries.


  • Flexibility and reliability

A virtual admin assistant needs to be able to work with you and provide business support centred around you. This requires quite a flexible and reliable individual who will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • Administration and Bookkeeping

A strong background in administration or a personal assistant role will ensure that a virtual admin assistant can provide a reliable service. Bookkeeping and payroll is an attribute many virtual admin assistants can offer, saving you time and minimising your costs with an accountant.


  • Working under pressure

Personal assistants or virtual assistants are able to keep calm under pressure, they find solutions to the challenges you face. Virtual admin assistants have many varied tasks, from diary and inbox management pressures to delegating your entire business should you require it.

An investment in a virtual admin assistant could truly benefit your small business, allowing you to budget either weekly/monthly and giving you the ability to concentrate on generating new customers.

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